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Fondly called the Sports Activity Coupé, the X6 is the third X model in BMW and the first to introduce turbocharged engines. Design flair gets top score, and the vibrant range of petrol and diesel is a welcome choice. The BMW X6 is the hybrid fusion of the rakish roof line of a coupe and elevated ride height of a crossover, boasting a sporty look at the same time.

Under the bonnet is a sturdy 3 to 4.4 litres, six-cylinder diesel or petrol engine, producing a powerful stride from 315 bhp to 555 bhp at the higher end. An eight-speed auto box is coupled with the engine, effectively doing its duty to run all four wheels of the car. X drive 50i (petrol), X drive 35i (diesel) and X6 M supporting a petrol engine and ActiveHybridX6 with petrol-electric motors are the basic BMW X6 types. The X6 xDrive 35i which is the base model has a turbocharged six-cylinder engine to power up your ride while the X6 xDrive 50i models have twin-turbocharged 6-cylinder V8 which is even more powerful.

With your foot on the accelerator, all three variants of the BMW X6 reach the 220-250 kph mark with surprising quickness and pace. The BMW X6 is integrated with six-disc capability, MP3 compatible Drive, Radio, AUX connection and sports controlled display. Geared with numerous safety features, you will feel protected and secure. The interior is polished and spacious which few other cars, if any, can beat. Driving the car, you will be able to have exceptional grip and traction as you take it for a long spin. Exclusive hire gives you the opportunity to ride the X6 in all its glory.

At Sports Car hIre, we offer you the best range of versatile car, customised to your requirements. As you speed through the streets, behind the wheels of our shiny, sleek cars from Exclusive hire, you can’t help but be the centre of attraction. We take our responsibilities very seriously and stick to commitments made like glue. To make your ride more enjoyable and fun, we also furnish the car with entertainment amenities accompanied by a mini-bar to keep you company.

Exclusive hire ensures you a ride you won’t forget and a drive that will make you come back for more. We provide professional sports car hire London for luxury trips in the car of your choice from our classy collection. Punctuality and reliability are two treasured aspects that we strictly follow. Customer satisfaction is our virtue factor, and we take pride in providing quality service. The sports car hire Scotland can be chosen to suit the occasion, whether you need a ride to an important event or to your prom. If perfection, punctuality and price are your three criteria, then Exclusive hire is the best sports car hire Essex.

You can give us a call, at Exclusive hire, for any queries for the best sports car hire London, and our experts will help you with reservations, or via e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.





or call us at 0203 011 5099