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If you are not a car enthusiast, the last time you heard BMW M3 was probably in Twilight. The BMW M3 gives you a thrilling ride and amazing handing. This car is practical for all kinds of roads. The BMW M3 has been inspired by the BMW’s race cars used in Formula racing. When the M3 had been launched, it was not received well. However, years went by and the car relieved frequent tune-ups. After several versions of the same car, success was finally met. This car became one of the most elite Sport coupes, for its sheer exclusivity. There still remains some speculation on the suitability of the car in the current market trend. But those speculations are received with apt justification because of the performance the car offers.

The BMW M3 engine runs on petrol, emitting about 297cc of Carbon dioxide. Within 5.30 seconds, the car can go from 0mph to 62mph. The car has a mpg of 22. With a bhp of 420, the M3 can be your ticket to speed. The car has a glass sunroof, apart from the plastic top, which has drastically pulled down the cars net weight. Te car uses only uses two high powered engines, having made a significant advancement in science and technology.

The BMW M3 is made for everyday driving, and despite being a speed maniac, this car sacrificed what could have been its super power status to become a customer-friendly, ride-able, practical car. The car is spacious, making maximum optimization of the limited space it offers. Despite its shortcomings in the supercar departments, it still manages to remain one of the best sports cars. It can even go to 100mph from 0mph within 10.2 seconds. The car has excellent grips, which have been amped by the Michelin tyres present.

Irresistible and surreal cars are offered at sports car hire and self drive hire like BMW 1 series , M3, X3. Features like speed and power were given first thought as we picked out our cars with utmost care for sports car hire. Both handling and performance, along with safety factors are given importance at self drive hire. With so many returning customers, client satisfaction is the primary motivation here at self drive hire. The cars are fine-tuned to perfection with the cars at self drive hire. Help is always a call away at self drive hire. To have a sports car from sports car hire providing you with top-notch cars is not adequate. You also need good equipment to support the car in its working. These features and more are provided at sports car hire. To book a car under sports car hire and self drive hire, contact us at Exclusive Hire.

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or call us at 0203 011 5099