Hummer Limousine: The Gigantic Hummer Limo Hire London

Hummer Limousine hire is a magnificent chauffeured limousine with a massive size, a distinctive and eye-catching exterior, and a luxurious, serene interior. Our Hummers Limo has the hype of an SUV Limo. The Hummer Limo combines overwhelming force with cutting-edge sophistication. Contact us for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Certainly, Hummer limo is probably the most popular limousine hire in the UK today. Its capability of transporting up to 20 passengers makes it one of the biggest. There are many different styles, sizes, and colors of hummer limousine hire. This is probably why they are the most used limousines for all types of events and occasions.

Hummer Limo: The Pleasant and Tranquil Interior.

A spectacular chauffeured limousine with a striking exterior that catches the eye and a pleasant, tranquil interior, the Hummers Limo is available for hiring. It is hyped up like an SUV limo. Hiring a Hummer Limo is choosing a combination of an overpowering power and cutting-edge sophistication. For this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, get in touch with us.

Undoubtedly, Limo Hire Hummer is currently the most sought-after limousine rental in the UK. It is one of the largest due to its capacity to carry up to 20 passengers. Hummers for Hire comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They are perhaps the most frequently used limos for all kinds of events and special occasions because of this.

Features Of Hummers Limo Hire in London

The Hummer limos for hire at Limo Hire are available in a variety of colors to match any event with a color theme.

  1. For a wedding, a crystal white Hummer limousine is hired.
  2. For a funeral, a jet-black Hummer limousine is hired.
  3. Hire a pink Hummer limo for your hen party.
  4. For a birthday or stag night, you can order a silver hummer limo.

The hummer is available in a variety of sizes that may accommodate 5 to 20 passengers.

The hummer limousine rental is perfect for;

  1. Hummer Limo for Wedding Packages.
  2. Hummer Limo Hire for Prom Night.
  3. Hummers Limo for Rent for Hen night.
  4. Hummer for Hire for Bachelor Party.
  5. Family outings in Hummer Limo Hire.
  6. Hiring a Hummer Limo for Business and Corporate Meetings.
  7. Rent Hummer Limo for Airport Transfer.

For larger traveling groups, the triple axle 8-wheeler hummer h2 limousine is the best option.

Hummer Limos for Hire for Proms and Wedding

You will attract attention wherever you go in this incredible Hummer Limo Hire because it is a true head-turner. All of your wedding party can be driven to the church in one of these crystal white hummer limos for hire before continuing on to the reception location. When you opt for Hiring a Hummer Limo, the bridesmaids and ushers no longer need to coordinate their travel plans separately.

Additionally, make a statement by arriving to the school prom party in one of our Hummer limos for hire.

Experience an Exquisite and Tranquil Interior by Hiring a Hummer Limo

Inside the Rented hummer limo you will see some of the best interiors ever installed into a Hummer for Hire a powerful surround-sound setup.

  • 2 flat-screen TVs,
  • disco lights, and fiber optic lighting.
  • Bar in Champaign.
  • iPod connection points.
  • illuminated dance floor.
  • leather seats
  • Karaoke equipment
  • players for CDs and DVDs.
  • windows with tint.
  • the climate control.
  • seat belts that fit.

Our Hummer Limo Hire will give you the life of a celebrity for one night while travelling in luxury and style!! Experience an Exquisite and Tranquil Interior by Hiring a Hummer Limo


A Hummer Limo is a spectacular chauffeured limousine with a massive size, a unique and eye-catching exterior, and an opulent, soothing interior. It comes with the excitement of an SUV Limo. It combines brute power with cutting-edge sophistication. Contact us for this ultra-experience. 

A Hummer Limo in UK hires for a prices starting from £325. For a more personalized Quote, Contact us on 0203 011 5099

A Hummer Limo has between 8 to 16 seats. A Hummer H2 has 16 Seats while a Hummer H3 has 8 Seats. 

A hummer Limousine can carry up to 16 people depending on its size. If its a H2 Hummer, it will carry up to 16 people. While a H3 Hummer Limo carries up to 8 people.

Hummer Limos rental price Starts from £325. For a more personalized Quote, Contact us on 0203 011 5099.

Absolutely YES. Exclusive Limo Hire has a breathtaking Hummer Limo fleet in ALL AREAS in the UK. Explore their fleet and discover its Massive capacity, sheer power and speed and ultimate comfort.

Hummer Limo Hire per Hour Starts from £325 per Hour. Price varies with events, Hours for Hire, and Number of Fleet. For a more personalized Quote, Contact us on 0203 011 5099.

Here at Exclusive Hire we cater for all types of events and occasions and these days car hire has become so affordable that you don’t even need an excuse for limo.