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BMW 5 Series

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BMW 5 Series

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The BMW 5 Series is one of the fastest selling cars manufactured by BMW. Sold as an all-rounder in terms of power and economy, it has been modified slightly from when it was released in 2010 and then re-introduced in 2013. The sleek and sexy car has left people waiting in line to be able to own it.

Exclusive hire brings this car to its customers. Exclusive hire is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ sports car hire London, where you will find this beauty for your hiring pleasure. The 5 Series has received many praises for its luxurious feel and economical ride. Packing a twin-turbo, V8 M5, the BMW 5 Series is a powerful ride that you will never forget. The specification on this car, made available to you for hire through us, is pure technological genius, to say the least. The body is an elegant mix of steel and aluminium with sleek finishing.

BMW has long been known to use just enough luxury without overdoing it, and the interior designing of the BMW hold true to this known fact. The interior of the car is beautifully decadent without being too flashy. The controls are comfortably located and overall the driving experience is meant to be a superior one. Exclusive hire makes it possible for you to be able to experience this extravagance.

BMW 5 Series iDrive system, which handles the entertainment, including the communication and navigation system (if integrated) of the car also promises to deliver high performance. And it probably will if the systems are anything like the one built into the previous models.

The engine is smooth and true to it being a 530d is a joy for any car lover. The 5 series speed goes from 0 to 62mph in just about 6.2 seconds, which is one of the smoothest around. The car seems to be an excellent ride that is especially useful if you’re going on long drives and want to just cruise across the road. The supercar handles the bends just as smoothly as it does the open road. We make sure that you find just what you’re looking for, when you contact us for hiring.

The BMW 5 Series is not only a pleasure for the drivers but also for the passengers, offering a significantly larger rear space than the previous models, the BMW has increased the overall convenience rating of the car. If you’re looking for a large, comfortable and luxurious ride, then sports car hire London will definitely recommend this beautiful car to you. Our Sports car hire London can positively help you in choosing the right car of the BMW 5 Series when you contact us at Exclusive Hire.

The experience of driving and being driven in such a great car is unmatched yet! Not only does Exclusive hire offer you this particular model, BMW 5 Series, it also offers you a range of versatile cars from which you can choose. Sports car hire London will certainly ensure that you have the best experience possible. Contact us for reservation and enquiries.





or call us at 0203 011 5099