Here at Exclusive Hire we cater for all types of events and occasions and these days car hire has become so affordable that you don’t even need an excuse for limo.


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Theory of Relativity names time as one of the relative dimensions. This means that while time flies for some, it moves slowly for several others. This also gives a logical and scientific explanation for ‘Time Travel’. Despite variations in the concept of time, one unspoken law that remains universally true is ‘time lost can never be got back’. It is from this rule that speed and need for more speed has risen. And the need for more speed has been satisfied with the increasing number of faster cars.

Exclusive Hire has managed to have in its midst a fleet of cars that are both fast and furious. The thrill of speed felt through a drive in our cars is exhilarating. The cars at Exclusive Hire are maintained well with their periodic tune ups to help them forego Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Exclusive Hire has established time as a constant, with the cars taking you to your destinations with speed and finesse.

The Aldershot Military Museum and Hankley Common are the most famous points of interest in Aldershot. The Windsor Castle at Ascot and the Royal Procession are the chief delights of Ascot. Berkshire and Basingstoke has the Milestones Museum and the Anvil for those looking for something fun to do. The Alexandra Theatre at Bognor Regis is a lot of fun. Shopping at all scales can be done at Parsonage Farm Shopping Village in Bognor Regis.

The self drive hire gives you a time to relish the journey that will stay embedded in your memory for a life time. The cars from sport car hire are a dream to drive in. The roads of Great Britain are excellent places to drive on. The chauffeurs available with us at Exclusive Hire are the best. Apart from knowing their vicinity like the back of their hands, they also know the best places to visit. If you are new to the city, you will not have to worry about getting lost with our chauffeur from limo hire around.

The Waddesdon Manor and the Hughenden Manor at Buckinghamshire speak highly of the architectural magnificence of Britain since the early centuries. Team Sport Camberley is a great recreational spot if you are ever in need of a good game to develop team work and team spirit. The Tilgate Park and the Hawth at Crawley provide excellent relaxing hideaways The Waterlea Adventure Playground is a great retreat for your kids, who have become restless after the endless number of museums and castles. Dartform and Epsom are other wonderful places at the South-east parts of London. The schools at south east London have always managed to hold the most extravagant and the most grandest proms. How else can you get to the prom, if not in the cats from school prom hire.

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Here at Exclusive Hire we cater for all types of events and occasions and these days car hire has become so affordable that you don’t even need an excuse for limo.





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