Here at Exclusive Hire we cater for all types of events and occasions and these days car hire has become so affordable that you don’t even need an excuse for limo.


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Limo Hire West Sussex

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Limousine Hire West Sussex

Exclusive Hire is known for providing best of the limousine hire services to thousands of commuters in
West Sussex. We are the last to compromise on the issues of performance and we have always valued comforts, luxuries, safety and security of the customers. With top quality limousines in our custody, we do not ever say ‘no’ to any customer whenever they ask for whatever they want in respect of limousines.

A little about West Sussex

West Sussex has a name for Black Down which happens to be the topmost point in this southern county of England. For tourists and visitors, there are several points of attraction in this destination of edifices and castles. Petworth house, Cobnor House, Uppark, northeast8Arundel Castle, Standen, Lancing College, Weald and Download open air museum and Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre attract the residents and visitors. Like any other modernized location of the British Empire, West Sussex does also remain busy with pubs, bars and restaurants to refresh and entertain the visitors. On the other hand, the most important feature of West Sussex is its well-preserved rural area which covers more than fifty percent of the total land. People can cycle there and walk there and can breathe unpolluted oxygen.

Occasions which are organized

Occasions or events are not fewer because of which Exclusive Hire stands prepared with all its strength. People who have secured limousine hire services from us for any occasion over the years have a story to tell which simply is that they are sure to contact us if they revisit West Sussex. Yes, for any event like school proms, night outs, corporate meetings, bachelor parties, engagements, airport transfers, birthdays, wedding ceremonies etc. You can contact us over phone or through email, and rest of the responsibilities will be with us.

Limousine Hire in West Sussex with Exclusive Hire

You will never get in West Sussex such varieties of super sumptuous limousine hire fleet that we have. It is your decision to choose from the top class limousine hire and we assure complete contentment. From Fire Engine limousine hire to Party Bus limousine hire, VLUU L200  / Samsung L200 from Range Rover limousine hire to Hummer limousine hire, from pink limousine hire to Audi Q7 limousine hire, you can select any one. Do you have Lincoln Navigator in your mind? No problem.

The limousine that you demand will be fabulously adorned with flowers, balloons, banners and ribbons, but it is you whose taste and choice will be reflected in customization. We can provide coloured limousines, limousines in orange, black, white, silver and in pink. There will be mind-boggling items inside the vehicle: Plasma TV, LCDs, DVDs, fantastic music system, mirrored ceiling, laser car1light show, Champagne bars, wash basin plus wash room etc.

Exclusive Hire obeys the laws!

We do not put the question of customers’ safety and security to the back bench. You should check if the limousine on hire is lawfully licensed and if VOSA certification has been secured properly.

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Here at Exclusive Hire we cater for all types of events and occasions and these days car hire has become so affordable that you don’t even need an excuse for limo.


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or call us at 0203 011 5099