Fire Engine Limo Hire

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The Fire Engine Limo is probably the most unique limousine hire as well as the UK’s most eye-catching. It is ideal for hen nights and birthdays. No celebration would be complete without it, especially the party buses. Besides, its cousin; boogie bus Liverpool is a deal-breaker. These party buses are modernized to suit a house party in a bus.

The Fire Engine Limo is often found in the original red but here at Exclusive Hire, we have the availability of the new pink Fire Engine Limo Hire. It has room for up to 16 passengers. You really can have special nights. Moreover, you can party hard with friends and family in the crazy but fab limousine rental vehicle. On the other hand, the party bus hires Liverpool can accommodate a group of friends.

Party Buses Liverpool are rare but affordable. They create a virtual house party and accommodate more people than the fire engine limo. The Party Buses Liverpool are exactly a replica of the Boogie Bus Liverpool. They share common features. Party Bus Hire Liverpool is getting common day in and day out.

Hiring a fire engine for a hen night will go down a treat! On request, our chauffeurs will dress up in traditional fireman clothing to really get the girls in the mood. Also popular with children’s parties for either birthday parties or proms, the Fire Engine Limo Hire for prom is a big hit when it arrives outside your house to collect its little excited passengers. It crowns the following too limousine hire for birthdays, wedding car hire swansea, and local prom car hire.

Fire Engine Limo Hire for Prom Interior

A fire engine limo for prom looks just like the real thing from the outside. Counterintuitively, when you step inside you’ll find a complete disco environment. This Fire Engine Limousine has been completely adapted inside with mirrored ceilings, super surround CD and DVD players, LCD TV screens, bubble machines, karaoke machines, and a full-sized bar stocked with all your favorite tipples!! Once your all partied out you can enjoy your journey home on the luxury black leather seating or the children can even test our Fire Engine hose and get some incredible photographs to keep them long-lasting memories forever.

Pink Fire Engine Limo & Party Bus Hire Liverpool

If you haven’t partied in a Pink Fire Engine Limo you are missing out on the cherry of life. This is one of a kind fire engine limousine that steals the show from the exterior to the interior. The pink coating makes it look shy for most events but the stillness it stumps makes the party begin before getting to the venue. The pink theme from the exterior of the pink fire engine limousine signals the beginning of the event. It pours a glittering and welcoming mood that stirs the heart and soul altogether.

Pink Fire Engine Limousine for Hire & Boogie Bus Liverpool

Besides that, getting into the inside of the pink fire engine limousine leaves you mesmerized. You might be forced to remain dumbfounded in awe, as the interior is a heaven of decor. The lights just give it a warm and moderate atmosphere that ushers the party mood. The mingling of the disco lights and networks create a meshed lighting effect that spices up the party sparks. The music system is composed and well fitted to produce a booming sound that makes the body sway uncontrollably.

Moreover, the chauffeur dressed in an all-pink fire extinguisher outfit just adds to the party mood a touch of theme consistency. The pink fire engine limousine has all it takes to make your party worthwhile. Hire a pink fire engine limo for hen’s party, prom party, and birthday and you will make the day memorable.

We can’t forget to make a mention of the boogie bus Liverpool. The excitement it builds, the expectations it creates and meets. The smiles it plasters to party lovers. Everything good comes in packages in this fire engine limo.

Limousine Hire & Party Buses Fleet

The Fire Engine isn’t the only party limousine rental that we have available at Exclusive Hire. We also have an amazing collection of Party Buses available for rent in a wide range of colors and sizes. Also in demand for party transport is the Hummer Limo due to its capability of transporting up to a massive 18 passengers from location to location.

Boogie Bus Liverpool Fire Engine the Party Buses Liverpool

Ever heard of the Boogie Bus Liverpool? Okey ever got to your destination in a Boogie Bus Liverpool? Exclusive Hire is the only Limousine Hire company with a Boogie Bus Fire engine Limo in Liverpool. These are the ultimate party busses in Liverpool. Just like the normal Fire engine Limousine; the Boogie Bus Liverpool fire engine is exclusive and rare. This makes its intrinsic value a dime. The ride is just epic. Holding a party in this limousine is the 7th heaven. Party Bus Hire Liverpool comes in handy. It is just a matter of imagining partying on a bus. Then deciding to make a call to Exclusive Hire. And we make the imagination true in Party Bus Hire Liverpool. Out party Buses Liverpool’s music system is uncomparable. The lighting effect is a reflection of the ultra-modern disco. Hire it to experience the best party mode.


Vehicles like fire engine limousine hire have had a lot of major adaptions. You should always make sure that the vehicle is legal to be carrying passengers. All these types of vehicles need to be regularly checked. This is to make sure they are road-worthy as well as have the correct documentation required by VOSA. All the drivers we use here at Exclusive Hire have the best insurance, training, and the full UK driving licenses because, at Exclusive Hire, only the best will do.

If you need any help or advice when choosing the Fire Engine Limousine Hire or have any questions, please feel free to contact us and one of our customer service team members will be more than happy to answer your questions. When we give you a perfect limo rental experience we know our job is done!


Here at Exclusive Hire we cater for all types of events and occasions and these days car hire has become so affordable that you don’t even need an excuse for limo.