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BMW X3 made its grand entrance to the auto-market in 2004. It was a good car that was making excellent profit for the car giant. However, there was a significant drop when the competition intensified. Magna Steyr and BMW joined hands to create their biggest classic-the X3. BMW X3 is the first SUV to hit the markets as a mid-sized model. Despite the introduction of newer models, the X3 continues to speed down the roads, faster than most other cars.

BMW X3 offers Variable Damper Control option, making riding and handling the car very easy. BMW once again finds the perfect blend of agility, speed and comfort. Despite being a mid-sized SUV, the car manages to be quite roomy and spacious. The BMW X3 is first-class in performance, as the engine provides it with more than enough stamina. Though the car is reasonably quiet, it still has a somewhat noisy and awkward manual shift. The X3 despite the fact that it is old in design can stand up to practically any car for comparison. The safety and the security this car offers are excellent. It has front and side curtain bags. Other electronic aids like the rear camera also keep you well to of trouble. The exterior is built to protect the pedestrians in case you happen to bump into them.

With eight X3 cars available in the market now, the car has impressive figures. BMW X3 can go from 0mph to 60mph in 149mph, with its best speed being 149mph. The car also has an average mpg of 46.3, fitted with a tank range of 681 miles. Apart from that, features to play music from CDs and iPods are also available. Bluetooth connectivity is also present. Another interesting feature that has been developed is the Climate Control feature.

Sports car hire and self drive hire London allows you to manoeuvre around in the city in attractive cars like BMW m3 , X3 & Series 1. A plethora of cars from sports car hire offer control and vigour. The highlight of the cars from self drive hire is that it outrivals others at presenting you cars with ease of traversing and managing. The cars from self drive hire are free from the sporadic glitch and there are no troubles as regards to tweaking the car. Once you have sign up for cars from self drive hire, you can loosen up even if a collapse does occur, as help is always close by. The cars from sports car hire give you the supplementary bonus as you zoom around in the up-to-the-minute and most advanced technology. Sports car hire also has principles against scrutinizing a user about their location. can present you with more particulars about sports car hire and self drive hire.

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or call us at 0203 011 5099