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BMW 1 Series

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BMW 1 Series

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The BMW 1 series was one of the cheapest cars by BMW. The cars were expected to be failure by the critics, because they thought the car had nothing new to offer. But they were so wrong. This car consistently remained one of the best-selling cars. The car has a tough steering wheel that any first-time driver is bound to feel nervous about. But once you get the hang of it, you will find yourself enjoying every twist and twirl that you take on. The BMW 1 series, apart from being a relatively cheap car, is also your typical family car that can leave you desiring for more.

The car is very competitive, gaining all-round performance from all its engines. The ride is very comfortable, in terms of ride and the interiors. The car is well-refined, though not as good as a normal BMW 1 series car. The safety the car has to offer is just as good as any expensive BMW and the space available inside the car is also acceptable. The BMW 1 series cars are around 30kg lighter than the 1 series that was launched several years ago. Every car in the BMW 1 series is different. The cars are protected from the external noise like wind and the sound of traffic by the thick glasses. The car, on the other hand, has a roar of its own style as it storms through the streets.

The car is loaded with equipment like Bluetooth, air-con and electric windows as well as a socket- to plug in the mp3 player. A common-rail unit of capacity 2.0 litre found in the other BMW cars makes its way into the 1 series. Also, the base horsepower the series offers is 115bhp, extending up to 181bhp.

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