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Mercedes SLS

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Mercedes SLS

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Following Mercedes SLS, SLR seemed to be the obvious answer for ‘who is the predecessor’; but Mercedes made heads turn and take notice, when it took its inspiration from 1954 300SL. The Mercedes SLS established a name for itself, primarily based on its doors. The Mercedes SLS open outwards and upwards like wings. While not many car makers have employed this technique as of now, you would definitely be a class apart in this car. Just unlocking the coupe can cause the car doors to pop open. However, features to deactivate the auto-release option are also present on the car. The SLS, a car of the past, has been reinvented and reinterpreted to become the car of the future.

Everybody knows that Mercedes uses the same ideas it uses in its Formula Racing cars. The cars sloping hood and its sleek design are proof of that fact. Another amazing feature is that the car handle appears once the door is unlocked and retracts once it closes.

This supercar is excellent on the road. However, finding a good road where you can test out its limits can be tasking; particularly because practically every street is flooded with cars and pedestrians. The Mercedes SLS runs on an awesome engine that delivers a horsepower of around 112bhp. The SLS is around 110 kg lighter than a C63. It can go from 0mph to 60mph in less than 4 seconds; in 3.9 seconds, to be exact. Even more astonishing is that the car can reach about 100mph within 8 seconds from ignition. The gearbox, consisting of four odes, is the same as that used in Ferrari California. With these facts to support the fact, it would not be mere words if we establish Mercedes SLS as the ideal super car.

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