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Mercedes E Class

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Mercedes E Class

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Mercedes E Class excels at providing comfort. Also, with uncountable number of accidents happening on the road, safety is also assured with the E Class. Neither style, nor driving dynamics are the highlight of this car. Most of the E Class cars run on diesel, by choice. The Car engine comes with four cylinders that give both efficiency and performance. However, six cylinder engines are also available. For those who prefer petrol cars, the Mercedes E Class also has its own petrol car.

The car has various suspensions that vary for the various models of the E Class. One such highly recommended car is the SE. It is well controlled and pliant. The air-suspension, an available option on the AMG is also a good choice. E Class cars, apart from the sleek look, provide excellent gripping. They are also well-weighted, unlike its light counterparts to promote slow steering as well.

The style of the Mercedes E Class had been amped up drastically. The car adopted single lamps and a sharper bumper. Apart from that, twin-strut design had been added for effect, enhancing the dramatic quality of the car. Mercedes E Class is the convincing and the perfect blend of quantity and quality that you are never over-whelmed by either. The car looks very solid and extremely metallic. The slowest car of the Mercedes E Class can go from 0mph to 62mph in 8.8 seconds, while the more powerful versions can go from 0 to 62mph in 4.3 or 4.2 seconds, operating on twin turbo charged engines.

E Class was met with much opposition and much criticism. But the fact still remains that its users still find it one of the finest cars to have run on the face of this earth. And you wouldn’t know until you got into and zoomed away.

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