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Mercedes CLK

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Mercedes CLK

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Mercedes CLK returned in 2011 to the markets, drawing inspiration from the C Class. The CLK has been the long-awaited bridge closing the distance between the humongous E Class (it is humongous for a Mercedes car, which are practically always in convenient sizes) and the CLC coupe. When the C Class was launched, people thought that the cars could not get smaller. However, the Mercedes CLK has become even more compact by a reduction in length, by roughly 100mm.

Like all other petrol engines, the Mercedes CLK also uses a direct-injection mechanism. Fantastic to look at, the CLK offers exclusivity to those driving or driven in. Though the car is a tad-bit lacking in terms of reliability, the maker name Mercedes continues to remain reliable, as seen from the number of people who seem to opt for this car. The Mercedes CLK is so sturdy and strong, it can survive a crash, and more importantly, you will survive it.

The Mercedes CLK engine offers a horsepower of 221bhp and 376lb foot. The car is made compact under the hood, by the installation of V6 turbo diesel engine. The 3.1mpg fuel consumption rate and the 7.3 seconds it requires going from 0mph to 62mph works to the CLK’s advantage. The car drives like a pro, reducing the average running costs, thanks to the fuel-efficient engine. The perfection in the build and design has eliminated the need for the occasional tune-up.

The speed the car offers has been spoken of amongst most roadsters. The car seats and most of the visible portions of the car’s interior are made from plush leather that looks expensive. The car also has a metallic build that looks solid from the exterior and interior. Most switches are made from Aluminium alloy that is relatively insulating and concrete-looking.

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