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Mercedes SLK

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Mercedes SLK

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With most car-makers having one on its catalogue, it would only be fit if Mercedes had one of those folding hard-tops to its name. Mercedes has taken speed to new heights with the Mercedes SLK. It has also been on several lists as an ideal compact sports roadster. The car-giant, Mercedes also seems to have done it, in terms of design. While most other cars have an awkward design due to its foldable hard-top, the Mercedes SLK seems to be properly proportioned.

The car is provided with multi-link suspensions, along with passive dampers all around it. The coil springs that are a constant with other Mercedes cars can also be found here. The entry level Mercedes SLK, namely SLK 200 has a horsepower of 181 bhp. The SLK55 on the other hand offers a roaring 416bhp, along with nearly 398lb ft of torque. The car is also fuel efficient. The car basically has four petrol engines, each varying from the other. Mercedes SLK also has its own diesel version, which had been launched to entice newer customers. You can now make heads turn, as you step out of the most stylish cars that you can get from self drive hire, from Exclusive Hire .

The car noise and the external noise are found to be relatively inside the car; the car has been designed in that specific manner. The chief highlight of the car has to be the interior. The switches and the vents are all custom-made, chiefly of Aluminium metal, the same metal an iPhone is made of. Apart from the coloured screen or the Aluminium car parts, every inch of the car is covered with refined leather. Within the folding electronic roof, there is a clear glass panel, called vario-roof, which is set in such a way to enhance the ambience in the car. And a point to be noted here is this is a rare sight in practically all other cars. The Mercedes SLK is spacious and roomy, though it looks compact.

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or call us at 0203 011 5099