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Mercedes CLS

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Mercedes CLS

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The CLS offers strong performance in addition to the precision in steering and refined looks. The car offers you elite treatment in terms of comfort and ride performance. The air suspensions that come with this car are its chief highlights. Apart from being super-stylish, the CLS can haul around 4 passenger, plus luggage, around the city. The V6 Diesel engine the CLS sports are effortlessly rapid. When you drive it on a standard suspension, the ride can be firm, rather than the smooth ride it could be, had the car been running on air suspensions. Like all other Mercedes cars, the CLS is reliable and classy. Every inch of the car feels very expensive. The Mercedes CLS comes with excellent modern equipment.

The Mercedes CLS runs on a powerful six-cylinder diesel engine. There are also options to go for the 250 CDI diesel engines and it is still just as quick. Despite the fact that the V6 petrol engine has the occasional hiccup, the 4.7 and 5.5 V8 engines are quick, also, they run on petrol. Exclusive hire has enriched the journeys of many tourists by providing prompt chauffeur driven cars making tours pleasant and memorable through its sports car hire with self drive hire as an additional feature.

The Mercedes CLS features three suspension facilities-air, steel and sport suspensions. Those preferring comfort can opt for the air suspensions. The Mercedes CLS is effortless for steering and parking. It is especially designed to enhance safety. The car security system has enhanced sensors that can even pick up on minute signs of stress and fatigue. This car can go from 0mph to 60mph in just 4.2 seconds. With the top speed being 155mph, the car can average 28.5 mpg. The tank range is about 502miles.

The car supports features to play songs from your iPod and phone apart from having its own customizable CD player. It also has safety cushion airbags. Bluetooth and Satellite navigations are other add-ons that come with the Mercedes CLS.

Exclusive hire provides good transport facility with exceptional chauffeur driven cars service dresses to the part and give services that are faultless. Chauffeur driven cars make journeys less tedious as chauffeurs have better knowledge of the locality. Of course we also have our self drive hire for people who know the locality well and need privacy. People who choose self drive hire have an additional advantage of driving at their own time and pace. Check out to know more about the chauffeur driven sports car hire at Exclusive Hire .

There are youngsters who like to fly with the flow and choose our sports car hire which gives them the exhilaration that goes with the car chosen at exclusive hire. Of course sports car hire is for people of all ages who love to enjoy the thrill of a good ride, however, for self drive hire, you will need with you your license to drive. Chauffeur driven cars can take you to the grandest places in the city, letting you taste the city like never before with Exclusive Hire . To know more about the self drive hire and sports car hire, contact us at Exclusive Hire.





or call us at 0203 011 5099