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Porsche Panamera

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Porsche Panamera

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Named after the Carrera Panamericana road racing event, the Porsche Panamera is a four-door GT (the first in the history of the company) that makes anyone that drives it proud. It’s more than a usual hatchback; it’s by all means a luxury car that has a distinct appearance.

With quite a number of choices when it comes to engines (hybrid petrol, diesel and turbocharged V8) and a sharp throttle response, the Panamera has managed to impress even those that were a bit sceptical in 2009, when the car was released in China, at the Shanghai Moto Show.

Amongst the options that Porsche offers for the Panamera, we particularly set our eyes on the all-wheel drive option, the adaptive air suspension (for the Panamera S and 4S) and the 7 speed PDK double-clutch gearbox (according to Porsche, the first in this segment of the market).

When it comes to engines, there is a wide range to choose from, depending on the model; from 3.0-litre V6 engine for the diesel to 4.8-litre V8 for the Turbo that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4.0 seconds, reaching a top speed of 188 mph (it is also one of the fastest accelerating saloons in its class).
Design wise, the Porsche Panamera, just like all Porsche models, is based on the 911 model, having sleek lines that outline its dynamic overall look, an automatic pop-up spoiler and high-set front wings. The interior is exactly what you would expect from Porsche. Fine leather covers the spacious interior, seats are comfortable and there are quite a few gadgets at the driver’s finger tips. Despite its sleek and compact outer design, the Panamera is a spacious car, making all its passengers get the feeling that they are participating in the whole driving experience.
The team behind considers that the Porsche Panamera is amongst the “unique bunch” out there and it will surely impress those who get to drive it. The Panamera is a car that suits everyone, no matter the gender or age of the driver, because well, it has something to offer to everyone that sits behind the wheel. And because at Exclusive car hire, we want you to benefit the most out of the sports car hire service that we offer. Also, we aim to make all of our customers happy with their car choices and that is why we deal with your enquiry as soon as we can.

So, whether you are looking for prom cars to hire or you just want to rent a sports car that will take you on a dazzling drive, you can be sure that renting a Porsche Panamera through will be the best choice. All you have to do is look through our self-drive cars category and if you have any questions, be sure to contact us!





or call us at 0203 011 5099