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Porsche Boxster

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Porsche Boxster

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The Porsche Boxster is a brilliant sports car which is a convertible that has caught people’s attention for a long time now. The Boxster series have been manufactured since 1996 and belong to Porsche’s range of reasonable end (when compared to other Porsche models), sleek, ultra new design cars. You can hire this car through Exclusive hire- one of the best sports car hire London.

The body of the Porsche Boxster is very light in comparison with previous models, breaking from its full aluminium predecessors; the new Boxster has Aluminium, Steel and Magnesium making up its external. This contributes to the super sleek, super-fast drive that you can get when you are on a Boxster hired from Exclusive hire. The Boxster is not the fastest vehicle on the street, but it definitely is a beast once you hit the final gear, racing down the road for all its worth. The car comes in both automatic and manual options. Once you contact Exclusive hire regarding your option, they will be able to provide all the advice you need on picking out the one that is most apt for your style and need.

The automobile sports a midsized engine, but the car handles performance like a pro. One can go so far as to say that the Porsche really has no opposition when it comes to turning and smoothness like this one. As we said before, this car is incredibly light, which means that cruising on this beauty is a real treat. The steering is genuinely accurate and is a breeze to use during those long drives that the Porsche Boxster truly warrants the best sports car hire London services at Exclusive hire. Also, the driving position in this Porsche Boxster has received a serious upgrade from the ones before. It has made just enough adjustments from its previous models so that the leg room on this one is better. The best part of this sports car is the convertible roof that folds back very smoothly.

The Porsche beauty gives a mileage of 34 mpg which is quite good and with a 64 litre tank, refilling will be few and far between your long drive. This is the car made for you, if you plan to go on a long drive with someone or by yourself and intend to enjoy the view on a beautiful day. Not only is the Boxster one of the best in its category of being midsized, convertible and less-weighted, it also retains some of the best features put into the Porsche series so far. A sports car hire London at Exclusive hire can certainly help you find this amazing sports car and also provide all necessary details to set you off on a joyous journey on the supercar.

With Exclusive hire you can look into different options featured for this car to pick and choose. For an extra luxurious expense, you can also have a sat navigation guide included into the deal as well as bluetooth and other upgrades as can be requested. For sports car hire London, you must definitely consider the Porsche Boxster at Exclusive hire.





or call us at 0203 011 5099