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BMW 6 Series

People who appreciate special things will be attracted to the BMW series 6 coupé and convertible, by default. Not every luxury car is equipped with four-door extension and very few come close to its excellence in terms of design and performance. Backed with irresistible dynamics and top-notch sporty looks, the BMW will remind you of the excitement driving gives, re-igniting your passion to take a twirl, everyday.

The metal snugly covers a powerful V8 engine churning at 360bhp. Fuel consumption is the least of your worries; with the eight-cylinder V8, it’s all about speed. High quality, firm stability, seamless transmission and advanced safety gear, are but a drop in the ocean of the BMW series 6 features. As a coupé it is built in line to tackle F1 while as a Convertible, it fits your year-round cruiser description. A range of both have been introduced over the years, bringing something fresh and exciting to the platform.

For those who live to feel the danger and edge in driving, the BMW series 6 coupé is your dream vehicle. Optimised for driving with overwhelming dynamics and enigmatic looks, the series 6 is fitted with updated technology. Daring and strong, the coupé is a powerful automobile. The active steering system is technology at-its-best, running on an electric motor. A warm, welcoming weather is just apt for a ride in the BMW series 6 Convertible. With the roof out of the way, you can enjoy and become one with nature’s beauty; the generous luxury leather seats give you a cool setting on a hot day.

Steering is precise, and the supercar is quick to respond to curves and edges. The back-seats are spacious enough for passengers to enjoy the luxury travel. As for the interior build, it is classic BMW all over again. The coupé or convertible at Exclusive hire will be just right for you and your family. The sports car hire London gives you the finest of cars to choose from to take a ride in. Get the best sports car hire London services at Exclusive Hire. At Exclusive hire, we feature only the superlative Coupés, Convertibles, SUVs and Sedans from a selected class of automobiles for your luxury travel. We give priority for clientele satisfaction and build our service on honesty and trust.

From your basic travel luxury trip to a relaxing drive around the town, we offer luxury cars, for your comfort ride, at Exclusive hire. Safety and comfort of the clientele are our priority. Cars that are tailored to suit your need with flawless quality, is what we offer as the best sports car hire London provider. Whether it is a night occasion or a life-changing event, be the envy of on-lookers with your automobile choice from a plethora of luxury vehicles, at Exclusive hire. Being inconspicuous is out of question with our cars, which are built to make heads turn in your direction. Get ready for a drive you don’t want to miss.

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