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Aston Martin Rapide

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Aston Martin Rapide

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Curvaceous and classic, the Aston Martin Rapide is a breath-taking beauty. The already excellent VH platform is built into the automobile with a few tweaks here and there. Unquestionably elegant, it is also equipped with the power to match its stance.

The 6 litre V12 firing 470bhp Aston Martin Rapide is more than enough to blow your hats out with its incredible racing speed, you simply won’t get tired of. The 0-60 mph mark is reached well under a breath catching 4.7 seconds, and the 13 mpg city is where the EPA fuel economy of this monster vehicle stands. Pointier and proud, the vehicle comes with more than just the extension length-wise. The extra length does wonders for your comfort ride, but you might want to double think about parking!

The seats are snug and luxurious (especially for driving), and the rear build speaks quality. Genuinely beautiful designs and high standard specs mean just one think- a spacious cabin that will put a smile on your face. An unusual stiffness accompanies the Aston Martin Rapide’s rear wheel platform, and it does a favour to the double wishbone suspension system. Anti-lift, anti-squat and the electronic adaptive damper system are jewels to dramatic wheels wearing custom-built Bridgestone.

Often described as the most gentle four-door sports car to ride the street, don’t be fooled by the deceiving looks of the Aston Marin Rapide. It drives like the Berlin Wall and is in no way second to any of the previous Aston Martin breeds in terms of swiftness and strength. Arrival has never been so grandeur and our sports car hire London makes sure that your presence is not just seen, but felt as well. Our trained chauffeurs are there to assist you, and you can feel safe with them to guide your way.

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