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Audi TT

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Audi has been in the race for the top-spot for several years now. With the bar set high with Porsche Cayman, Audi has once again proved its formidability with the Audi TT. With the TT, the Audi-lovers are satisfied, as are the Sports car addicts; with the feel-good aura this car gives and the unique design that accompanies making driving the Audi so much fun.

The variety offered in choosing the engine is not only sensible, but also shocking. With just entry-level petrol, this car gives a power output of 158bhp, which is a relatively tame performance. Audi has yet again proved its strategic mind with a car that does not excel, but fairs well in terms of performance and price. The supercar is available for sports car hire London at Exclusive hire.

The curved roofline, the high shoulders and the clamshell bonnet and other trademark features of an Audi have made their way into this car as well. However, credit has to be given to the designers who manage to come up with exciting new ways to improve the sleek and slender look. Have you ever noticed this? An Audi seems to occupy less space than it actually does. While other cars that technically occupy less space, end up looking very bulky. Audi, on the other hand is best optimized to occupy the least permitted space from the outside, while managing to be spacious and roomy on the inside. As one of the highly renowned sports car hire London service provider, Exclusive hire offers you a range of cars to choose from.

Despite being part of Volkswagen group, it has become more and more dynamic, if that was ever possible. Made of 31 percent steel and 69 percent aluminium, the weight distribution has worked out in the customer’s favour. To all the car-lovers and the perfectionists, this is a call to grab a ride in the dynamic automobile as quickly as you can! The interior of this car is one to bank on. The steering wheel and the dashboard have been strategically placed to aid easy interaction and a comfortable journey. Exclusive hire is the best sports car hire London for your car needs.

With the Audi TT, sure you can give your friend a lift, but it becomes a delicate issue when you have a passer-by you have to give a lift to. Exclusive hire is your go-to if you are looking for a sports car that can be driven like a sports car. If speed is your main criteria, take a test- drive with the Audi TT. The 30-70mph coverage in a mere 4.4 seconds shows clearly the maximum potential of the car. Experience the wind in your hair; you no longer have to miss out on appointments, with this car speed is in your hands. The Audi TT is the ideal car for any climate, be it the storm or the calm, the desert or the swamp; the wheels are all yours to give you a traction through the slippery conditions.

The highlight feature of the Audi TT is not the actual driving experience. It is built for the elite, that each moment in it you feel more and more privileged. With Exclusive hire you are not just privileged- you are special. Contact us for sports car hire London and our Exclusive hire staffs will be able to attend to all your queries.





or call us at 0203 011 5099