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Rolls Royce Spirit

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Rolls Royce Spirit

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Rolls Royce, after working hard on the Rolls Royce Shadow, replaced it with the even more exciting Rolls Royce Spirit. Critics say that the shadow lives on; what they actually meant was that the Spirit is the shadow with a new and improved exterior. The Rolls Royce Spirit was also called the Spur. The car had become more angular, rather than the smooth make it was expected to have. The engine was upgraded to a fuel-injection type. It also features enhanced power; in a way, the power that the Shadow provided has been amplified and increased in the Rolls Royce Spirit. Additional features like anti-brakes system and a more revised interior are also found in this car. Rolls Royce Spirit was built as a long wheel-base car, unlike the other cars from Bentley.

The car can go from 0mph to 60mph within a matter of 10.4 seconds. The car has 126mph as its best speed. With an average mpg of 14, Rolls Royce Spirit has a power of around 200bhp. The engine has a V8 configuration, running on normal aspirated petrol. The petrol is delivered to the engine by the carburettor. With independent coil springs at the front and the rear, the car has a front-engine RWD. With the four-speed automatic transmission system, it has rack and pinion steering system. The length of the Rolls Royce Spirit from one end to the other is about 5268mm. Rolls Royce Spirit is slightly towards the heavier side, weighing a whopping 285kg.

The 4 door car can set 5 people comfortably, leaving enough room for them to enjoy their ride comfortably. Being a Rolls Royce, the Rolls Royce Spirit is one of the best luxury cars at any time in the market. Clientele satisfaction has always been our biggest satisfaction, having provided self drive hire services and chauffeur driven cars at Exclusive Hire. Both the latest and the trendiest cars are given for hire at self drive hire and sports car hire at Exclusive Hire.

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or call us at 0203 011 5099