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Range Rover Evoque

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Range Rover Evoque

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As a Range Rover, it has to be desirable and beautiful. Range Rover Evoque keeps up to its requirements; it is a beautiful car that has been styled beyond the normal echelon. The fact that Range Rover put so much effort into one of its cars is not a surprise. However, the affordability has shocked most. Range Rover Evoque has evolved from its predecessor the Land Rover LRX. This premium SUV could also be called a coupe thanks to its compactness. The car also comes with five-doors. The desirability that the Evoque offers cannot be matched by its other SUV counterparts. The car is however a let-down when it comes to the eco-friendly approach. The car is as quick, if not faster than most of the other SUV’s. Range Rover Evoque makes a loud thunder as it zooms through the streets; but then, isn’t that expected off the Range Rovers?

The space provided can comfortably seat the passengers. Range Rover Evoque also comes with a range of optional add-ons that come with t. When you are at the driver’s seat, the car gives you ample options to adjust your car seat, both electronically and manually. The petrol engine offers 247bhp, where the acceleration involves some work. On the other hand, the diesel engine offers 148bhp that can be accelerated easily, featuring a two-wheel drive and a manual gearbox. With the accurate steering the car provides the car is at its bests when you take it for a spin on smooth and long roads. Range Rover Evoque can go from 0 to 60mph within 7.1 seconds, having a top speed of 135mph. The average mph of the car is 36.2 and the tank range is about 557miles. The car also has satellite navigation and Bluetooth connectivity.

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