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Ferrari California

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Ferrari California

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One of the most complex cars that Ferrari has to offer is the Ferrari California. It can take a while to figure out this amazing car over-time. The whole learning experience as you take your California for a spin adds thrill to the drive. The car is both flexible and sensational in pace. Though the car offers comfort and is highly sophisticated, the car does not offer any thrills. For such cars, we have the Formula One cars. The Ferrari California is extremely driveable offering mediocre thrills and making a lot of noise.

If you want people to notice your arrival early, then the Ferrari California is an excellent choice. The cabin feels very classy and finished to fine perfection. The steering wheel and the seat are positioned just right to make driving the Ferrari California just as much easier. Space-wise, the car does not carry many people comfortably. However, if the limit is only 2 people, then this car is a good choice, providing a good room.

The convertible also has a foldable hard-top that can get on and off the car easily, with a mere push of a button. The car is also sleek in its build, having the perfect curves. The sleek build of Ferrari California is soft and approachable, especially when the roof-top is down. The car emits about 270g/km of Carbon dioxide. The car can go from 0mph to 60mph in just 3.8 seconds, with a top speed of 194moh. The car also has a tank capacity of 426 miles and an average mpg of 24.6. The car also has 372lb-ft. The engine primarily runs on unleaded petrol. Another speciality of the car is that though there are 4 seats present, there are only two doors.

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