Embrace Footballing Heritage at Goodison Park Stadium
Step into the historic Goodison Park Stadium, home of Everton FC. Explore the iconic moments, from thrilling matches to unforgettable concerts, that have shaped its footballing heritage.

Goodison Park Stadium, the historic home of Everton Football Club. Nestled in the heart of Liverpool, Goodison Park is not just a football ground; it’s a symbol of tradition, passion, and unforgettable sporting moments.

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Goodison Park Stadium: A Footballing Heritage

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Events at Goodison Park Stadium

Experience the electric atmosphere of Everton FC’s Premier League matches at Goodison Park. Join the passionate fans as they cheer on their beloved team and witness the drama unfold on the pitch.

Goodison Park has hosted numerous competitions, including FA Cup matches and UEFA Europa League fixtures. These matches bring extra excitement and draw football fans worldwide to experience the intensity of knockout football.

Goodison Park transforms into an incredible venue welcoming renowned artists and bands. The stadium’s unique setting provides a memorable backdrop for unforgettable performances and a fantastic atmosphere for music lovers.

Goodison Park offers excellent facilities for corporate events, conferences, and meetings. The stadium’s versatile spaces and professional services make it an ideal venue for business gatherings with a touch of footballing ambiance.

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Iconic Moments in Goodison Park

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Everton legend Duncan Ferguson’s last-minute winner against Manchester United in 2005 will forever be remembered as a moment of sheer ecstasy for Evertonians

Goodison Park was a venue for the 1966 World Cup, and it witnessed a key goal by England’s Alan Ball in a group-stage match against Mexico.

Goodison Park celebrated Everton’s FA Cup victory in 1995 when the team triumphed over Manchester United in a memorable final that showcased the spirit and determination of the Toffees.

The successful tenure of manager Howard Kendall, which included two league titles, an FA Cup, and a European Cup Winners’ Cup triumph, has left an indelible mark on Goodison Park’s history.

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