Factors To Consider Before Hiring Hummer Limousines

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Have you ever hired a Hummer Limo before? What you need to know before you do!

Have you ever rented or even hired a Hummer limousine before?. Modern London residents based in UK are flooded with opportunities to access Hummer Limousines for hire, just at the touch of a fingertip. Nowadays, Hummers Limos companies in UK are bold and daring, predictions of Hummer limousine hire is hotly anticipated than any other revolution in the world.

Whether you’re planning for your wedding cars, prom cars for hire, a business trip, night out, birthday limos party or just about any other special event your vehicle size does matter. Barring that in mind, throughout the next section we’re going to depict the Beauty of the H2 and H3 Hummer limousines, General information about the stretch Hummers Limousine, and finally Why Hiring Hummer Limousines at Exclusive Hire is considered best option.


The H2 and H3 Hummer back story has already been discussed in the previous topic. Under this topic let’s explore their beautiful features, i.e. interior and exterior features.

Interior and exterior of H2 Hummer Limousines

Inside, the interior of H2 Hummer has been completely redesigned with a revised blue-blacklight instrument, panel centre console with controls and door panels. The heating and ventilation systems have been made, as well as the stereo-abase unit is now standard. Exterior styling is updated with a larger front grille and silver printed.

Interior and exterior of H3 Hummer Limousines

The H3 is the smallest in the Hummer stable compared to it’s bigger brothers, H2 and H1 Hummers. But it still borrows heavily from H2 Hummer in terms of styling. The H3’s displays do a good job of relaying the virtual information. Buttons for the transmission selection are conveniently positioned, the automatic selector is hard to miss and all of the knobs and switches adhere to UK norms. The H3 Hummer, particularly in leather bound Luxury specification, is an extremely comfortable vehicle. The huge, tyres(about 35 inches high) and raised suspension make for a cosseting ride and decent equipment levels, including heated front seats and temperature control, distinguishes it from back-to-basics off-roaders.


The interior of Stretch Hummer Limo varies but it’s usually well equipped and stocked with TV and DVD player, neon lights, mirrored ceiling, crystal chandeliers, Drinks Bar and an intercom to talk to the driver. Some even have the proverbial kitchen sink. It’s paradise! I Know right!
Stretch Hummers are a great choice for very fashionable weddings, and attract a lot of attention both on the way and when they arrive.

H2 Hummer Hires


As a hardcore limousine enthusiasts, we’ve followed every limo release since the beginning! However we’ve always wondered what the phrase “Hummer stretch Limousine” means. Believe it or not, the Hummer Stretch has a very special meaning (According to internet legend.) It actually means a very large and fancy car that is longer than standard cars to provide extra space or seats often driven by professional drivers.
The Stretch Hummer is a version of Hummer H2 with extended wheelbase that makes it twice the length of the original Hummer.

Why Hiring Hummer Limos At Exclusive Hire is Essential

At exclusive hire they brighten special occasion in a way that nothing else can. They add glamor and class to the occasion. Of course here are things you need to know about exclusive Hire as a limousine hire company;

Their quality of chauffeuring service is way too proficient. A part providing sleek stylish limos, chauffeurs knows UK in and out to facilitate pick up and drop off events. They are also punctual.

Exclusive Hire they’re known for their good reputation by fulfilling their promises. They promise to make sure your event succeeds and stick to the agreed drop off points and times. They are known for giving their clients more than they asked for.

Booking has been made easier. Generally, their booking is just a phone call away. They allow you to book a limousine at the comfort of your chair.

Affordability. In general, renting a hummer limousine is not the cheapest thing you will do when planning for a corporate party or wedding. It may actually be the most expensive. However, Exclusive Hire offers great value for your money.

Finally, Exclusive Hire is a company that cares. A company that knows the importance of your event and works hard to make it successful in every aspect of the word. With such a company you just need to sit down and watch as your special event goes into the history book.


So if you’ve made it through this lesson and stuck with me until the end, Congratulations! You’re now ready to hire that Hummer limousine of your dreams. And, understandably you may have a few questions. Like, how to behave in a Hummer Limousine and other simple matters like how much does it cost to hire a Hummer limousine.
You may also be wondering whether covid-19 protocols are observed when hiring limousines at Exclusive Hire. All these answers can be found. Just leave a comment in the comment section I’ll get to you.
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