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Rolls Royce Shadow

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Rolls Royce Shadow

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The Rolls Royce car hat appealed to the masses was the Shadow. It has been one of the favourite cars for the movies, for the TV shows. The company had its breakthrough with the shadow. The Shadow is unique in construction. Without any source of inspiration, every ounce of creativity the Rolls Royce engineers had was poured into the Rolls Royce Shadow. The unitary construction and the car design that has a retro feel are the key highlights of this car. The car also features all-round disc brakes. Rolls Royce has also managed to hold on to the exclusivity of the car for its elite customers.

The car can go from 0mph to 60mph in a matter of 10.9 seconds; the car has 115mph as its top speed. With a power of 200bhp and a torque of 250lb ft, the car has an average mpg of 14. The Rolls Royce Shadow engine V8 runs on normal aspirated petrol. It gets the fuel from the carburettor. Independent coil strings constitute the front suspension. The rear suspension consists of beam axle and semi-elliptic leaf string. The front-engine RWD drive train is also present here. The transmission is a 3 speed automatic transmission mechanism. The length of the car from end to end is 5169mm.

Rolls Royce Shadow with its modern touch looks like a nice coupe that is roomy. The trunk can be loaded well. Rolls Royce Shadow is available in a range of colours with black being the most preferred one. The interior of the Rolls Royce Shadow is fitted with excellent quality designer leather that live up to the Rolls Royce status. The entire look and feel of the interior reeks of classic Rolls Royce that everybody enjoys. Take a ride in this divine class of cars and you will refuse to drive any other!

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