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McLaren was originally launched to be a SUV; it was meant purely as a sports utility vehicle. Over the years, the car has evolved and become a super-power in the world of automobiles. This car is fitness for purpose. Having in its pocket several fast and furious cars like 12C, P1 and F1, this car manufacturer cannot be treated lightly. Sure, it’s not the fastest or the loudest car out there; but, simply said, it’s just the best.

McLaren’s speciality- the car exterior made of carbon-fibre is once again realized dream with this car. The car is primarily a thing of a beauty to look at. It is in itself a mini-rollercoaster, with its ups and its downs. It comes in the most appealing colours. The car comes with 19-inched wheels in the front and 20 inched wheels at the back. The base engine that runs on a 3.8-litre V8 twin-turbo charged engine is unique and compact. The details on the cars exterior are nothing short of breath-taking. The interior of the car was not full of plush leather seats. However, there has not been any complaint regarding the McLaren’s seats. They are in itself the most comfortable and provide a very cosy, considering the fact that it provides minimal cushioning.

McLaren is super fast going from 0mph to 100mph within 5.2seconda. The car has 727bhp with a V8 3.8litre twin-turboed engine, which is an all-time hime, and the peak torque is generated at 4000rpm. To go from 0mph to 60mph, it takes the car only 3.0 seconds. The carbon dioxide emission stands at 200g/km. The interior of McLaren is also fitted with carbon-cramic brakes that are custom-made, so that they can dissipate heat as soon as it is produced, so as to keep the system cool.

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or call us at 0203 011 5099