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Nissan GTR Hire

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Nissan GTR Hire

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Nissan became a common house-hold name with the Nissan Sunny. But it competed with the Giants like Audi, Ferrari, BMW, and Mercedes with the Nissan GTR. The car gives you the exact amount of power and acceleration that it is possible for a sped-maniac can handle. The excellent grip it provides, the agile handling it provides, the styling that is constantly on edge are added bonuses that come with this car. Sure, the Nissan GTR can be hard to beat, especially now that it is gearing up for heavier competition, the car comes loaded with its own pocket full of arsenal. A big problem with this car is that it has been categorized. And, unless you look beyond your prejudices, you will not be able to enjoy the real beauty the Nissan GTR actually is. A Nissan GTR hire is even more beautiful.

With the Nissan GTR, you now have at your hands the immense grip, composure and traction that it offers you. Being a beauty, the refined sound is barely heard. The car seems solid and built well, and can be a reliable car for you. The car is so spacious that your kids will even have room for playing; although, from the exterior, it looks like a compact coupe. The Nissan GTR is fitted with a plethora of gadgets that can protect you in a sense.

It’s not every day that you see cars that go from 0mph to 60mph within 2.84 seconds, with the top-speed being 196mph. The average mpg is around 24 and the car is fitted with only two doors for the four passengers it can house. The car uses unleaded petrol to run the V6 engines. The pulling power of the car is around 451lb ft. However, the increased Carbon dioxide emission can be a sore spot for some people.

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Nissan GTR hire with Exclusive Hire

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or call us at 0203 011 5099