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Bentley S1 1956

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Bentley S1 1956 Wedding Car Hire

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Bentley S1 1956 — Old English White with Grey Interior. This classic car – stylish and understated, perfect for your wedding day. The Bentley wedding car hire was completely redesigned in 1956. with its new V8 engine, it is longer, sleeker, and more powerful and refined. It comes in a wonderful Old English White color with an effortless drive from its powerful engine. It is eminently suitable for all special occasions. Bentley Wedding Car is an iconic classic car for a wedding with an excellent ride and is unforgettable transport for your special day. This car looks equally as good for traditional Church weddings as it does for Asian weddings.

The Bentley S1 1956

The Bentley wedding Car hire is a classy, luxurious, well-built, stylish car. It was released between 1955 – 1959 by Bentley Motors Limited. It was initially referred to as the Bentley S as a successor of the R -type Bentleys. Many critics categories it as an old sports car. The ‘sports car’ is available in two body styles the 4- door saloon and 2- coupe.

The Bentley S1 is for wedding car hire and has received a great attraction in our car rental services. The car has an aggressive and commanding exterior, which demonstrates its power on the road. It has a powerful V8 engine with a 4 – 4-speed automatic transmission. It has a maximum speed of 103 mph (166 km/hr) and a very impressive acceleration of 0 – 60 mph in 13 seconds, which is why many reviews term it an early sports car.

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Bentley Wedding Car

The Bentley wedding car hire is fast and classic, thus a suitable choice for a wedding car hire. The car rental is an iconic car and can accommodate 5 to 6 people comfortably with enough leg room space. With a magnificent interior, you and your company will have a memorable time in the car rental. With our wedding car hire services, you will arrive and exit the special ceremony elegantly.

The prestige car hire looks equally preferable for traditional Church weddings as it does for Asian weddings. Our wedding car hire is backed up by several reviews as we provide only the best of the best services. Give our Exclusive Hire services a chance, and we promise to make your day unforgettable.

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